Development Management: June 2018 update

During June 2018, the Scottish Borders Council received 123 applications for planning permission and other consents, including listed building and conservation area consents and applications for works to protected trees.  The following applications are of particular interest:

  • Change of use of the upper ground floor of the Courthouse Business Centre, High Street, Peebles from office/retail use to hostel accommodation (SBC Ref: 18/00815/FUL);
  • Erection of a further 38 dwellinghouses at Thirlestane Drive, Lauder incorporating terraced, semi-detached and detached houses, 25% of which would be affordable housing likely to be social rent (SBC Ref: 18/00486/FUL);
  • Proposed retail and café development at Hergés on the Loch, Tweedbank (SBC Ref: 18/00776/PPP);
  • A retrospective application for the change of use of former garage and car showroom (the Redburn Garage on Peebles Road, Galashiels) to multiple use, including furniture workshop and showroom, caravan repairs, car valeting, catering unit, retail unit and sale of garden and outdoor equipment (SBC Ref: 18/00723/FUL).

In relation to the Proposal of Application Notice for the change of use of land to form a mobile luxury lodge holiday retreat on land west of Willowdean House, Foulden (SBC Ref: 18/00674/PAN), referred to in the May update, it is understood that a public exhibition was held in Foulden Village Hall on 29 June.  However, due to inadequate publicity in the local press, a further public event is to be held on 23 July 2018 and will be open to members of the public from 9.00am to 7.30pm.  The event will be attended by the applicant and/or the agent for the full period of the event to take questions from the public.

The much anticipated public event in relation to the Proposal of Application Notice for a major tourist development of 500 static caravans, 50 touring caravans and associated facilities on land at Thirlestane Castle, Lauder (SBC Ref: 17/01669/PAN), was held on 5 June 2018.  It will be interesting to see the results of this pre-application exercise when a planning application is submitted.

A Proposal of Application Notice has been submitted for a development by Eildon Housing Association of 69 dwellinghouses at Coopersknowe, Galashiels (SBC Ref: 18/00727/PAN).  A public exhibition is planned for 11 July 2018 at Langlee Community Centre, Galashiels between 3.30pm and 7.30pm.

A Proposal of Application Notice for the development of holiday lodges, hotel and golf driving range at the Roxburghe Golf Course was submitted on 20 June 2018 (SBC Ref: 18/00799/PAN).  A public exhibition on the proposed development is to be held at Heiton Village Hall on 7 August 2018 from 4.00pm to 7.30pm.

A Screening Opinion Request to determine whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2017 has been submitted for a large scale mixed use development, comprising retail, office, business/light industrial, hotel, residential and non-residential institution, housing and leisure use, together with a new access from the A68 and car parking, on the Auction Mart site at Newtown St. Boswells (SBC Ref: 18/00746/SCR).  A Proposal of Application Notice for the development was submitted on 9 February (SBC Ref: 18/00144/PAN) and a public consultation event was held in the Canteen at the Auction Mart on 26 March 2018 as part of the pre-application consultation process.

The council has been consulted on an application to erect a further 11 turbines at the Crystal Rigg Wind Farm, near Cranshaws in the Lammermuir Hills, which has been submitted to Scottish Ministers under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 (SBC Ref: 18/00768/S36).  A Pre-application consultation on the proposed extension was undertaken in the early part of this year and a public event was held in Cranshaws Village Hall in February 2018.

Check out the council’s Public Access Portal if you want to find out more about the above applications or any other application submitted in the past month.

During June 2018, the council decided 106 applications, only one of which was refused planning permission; for the erection of a dwellinghouse on the site of an agricultural building at Deuchar Mill in the Yarrow Valley (SBC Ref: 18/00355/PPP).  At its meeting on 4 June, the Planning and Building Standards Committee granted planning permissions for the erection of two dwellinghouses on land west of Peelgait, Selkirk (SBC Ref: 17/00923/PPP) and for the erection of a single dwellinghouse at The Gables, Smiths Road, Darnick (SBC Ref: 18/00396/PPP).  At its meeting on 25 June, the Committee granted planning permission for the erection of seven boarding kennels at West Greenfields, near Reston in Berwickshire, subject to a noise mitigation plan to protect the amenity of nearby houses, and a waste management plan for the storage and disposal of wastes generated by the development (SBC Ref: 18/00173/FUL).  At its meeting on 18 June, the Council’s Local Review Body (LRB) decided to reverse the Chief Planning Officer’s decision to refuse planning permission for the part change of use of a paddock to form a new access and drive to Southbank, Bowden and the erection of a summerhouse and tennis court (SBC Ref: 17/01362/FUL).

During June, the Scottish Government’s Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) allowed the appeal against the refusal, by the council, of planning permission for the erection of four dwellinghouses at Elders Yard, Newtown St. Boswells and granted planning permission in principle subject to eighteen conditions (SBC Ref: 17/01342/PPP) (DPEA Ref: PPA-140-2070).  The Reporter concluded that the proposed development did accord, overall, with the relevant provisions of the local development plan and that there were no other material considerations that would justify refusing to grant planning permission in principle.

Five appeals remain to be determined against the refusal of planning permission: (1) for the construction of a wind farm comprising 12 turbines at Pines Burn, south west of Hobkirk (SBC Ref: 17/00010/FUL) (DPEA Ref: PPA-140-2069); (2) for the erection of 7 wind turbines on land north-west of Gilston Farm, near Heriot (SBC Ref: 17/00226/FUL) (DPEA Ref: PPA-140-2068); (3) for the erection of a poultry building at Hutton Hall Barns, Hutton in Berwickshire (DPEA Ref: PPA-140-2065); (4) for the erection of a poultry building at Easter Happrew in the Manor Valley, west of Peebles (DPEA Ref: PPA-140-2062); and (5) a residential development of 38 dwellings at Marchmont Road, Greenlaw in Berwickshire (DPEA Ref: PPA-140-2059).

In relation to the appeal against the refusal of planning permission for residential development at Marchmont Road, Greenlaw, the appointed Reporter has intimated that she is minded to grant planning permission subject to a legal agreement in respect of a contribution to affordable housing.  The Reporter’s decision has been deferred for a period of 12 weeks pending the production of a completed planning agreement within that time.

The accompanied site inspection in connection with the appeal against the refusal of planning permission for the construction of a wind farm comprising 12 turbines at Pines Burn, south west of Hobkirk (SBC Ref: 17/00010/FUL) (DPEA Ref: PPA-140-2069), took place on 14 June.

The public inquiry to be held in relation to the refusal of planning permission for the erection of 7 wind turbines on land north-west of Gilston Farm, near Heriot (SBC Ref: 17/00226/FUL) (DPEA Ref: PPA-140-2068), is to commence at 10.00am on 24 July 2018 in the Novotel Hotel, Edinburgh Park (near the Gyle) and is expected to run for 2 days.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.  The public inquiry will be broadcast live to the internet as part of the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division’s webcasting service.

Three wind farm applications submitted to the Scottish Government under Section 36 of the 1989 Act, to which the Scottish Borders Council has objected, remain outstanding: (1) the application for a 12 turbine extension to the existing Fallago Rig wind farm in the Lammermuir Hills; (2) the application to extend the operational life of the existing Fallago Rig wind farm to coincide with that of the extension (if approved) (DPEA case references WIN-140-5 & WIN-140-6); and (3) an application for the erection of 15 wind turbines on land at Birneyknowe, near Bonchester Bridge, south-east of Hawick (DPEA case reference WIN-140-7).


Author: douglas hope

Over fifty years experience in town and country planning, including twenty-one years with the Borders Regional Council (1975-1996) and twenty years with the Scottish Government as a Reporter for the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals.

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